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What are the best smoke alarms for school campuses?

It’s back to school season and time to check up on fire safety and make updates to your evacuation plan.

There are two types of fires a campus should have adequate fire alarm systems for.

1. Flaming fires
2. Smoldering fires

Flaming fires occur when specific items are ignited such as wood, paper and flammable liquids.

Common reasons flaming fires happen on campus are as followed:

1. Cooking accidents in common areas related to improper use of cooking appliances.

2. Open flames within the residential area such as lighting candles.

In fact, the majority of campus fires are flaming fires. At least 93% of campus fires are flaming fires.

Death and injuries from such fires happen every year when school starts.

To protect students and staff from flaming and smoldering fires, we recommend having the following smoke alarms installed throughout campus:

1. Ionization alarms. These smoke alarms alert building occupants of a potential fire by detecting ionized particles in the air. Ionized particles are released in the air when a fire occurs. The smoke alarm sounds anytime that detection happens.
2. Photoelectric alarms. These smoke alarms alert people of fire when smoke particles are detected in the air. The smoke alarms have a light beam that detects when smoke is present.

Dual sensor smoke alarms are available that address both flaming and smoldering fire alarms.

Which smoke alarms are best for your school environment?

All 3 smoke alarms have the ability to detect both flaming and smoldering fires.

The ionization fire alarm can alert building occupants quickly about flaming fires. It’s the fastest out of the smoke alarm responses for flaming fires.

As for the smoldering fires quickest response, the photoelectric smoke alarms work best.

No matter your choice, these smoke alarms will help increase time for evacuation.

For utmost fire protection, we recommend installing dual sensors or having both ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms installed throughout your building.

It is important to have smoke alarms installed on every floor of a campus building. Do not forget to install smoke alarms within hallways for best evacuation/ fire safety.

Have smoke alarms tested at least every two weeks to make sure you have working smoke alarms at all time.

The calibrated sensitivity testing can be performed to check whether smoke alarms are operating properly.

Fireline Corporation can design, install and test smoke alarms for your facility.

The testing is performed in accordance to the National Fire Alarm Code.

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