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Commercial Fires: Common Causes

Commercial Fires

Commercial fires are quite common in the United States. In fact, the United States averages around 80,000 commercial fires occur each year. With these annual fires, the nation sees about 18,000 injuries, 3,000 fatalities, and at least 10 billion dollars in damages. While some of these commercial fires occur from causes beyond anyone’s control, about 85 percent of commercial fires take place because of error or intent by someone. It is always helpful for those who own or work in commercial buildings to understand the common causes of these commercial fires and how to prevent them.

Common Causes of Commercial Fires

  1. Kitchen- While a kitchen fire is normally associated with only residential fires; they are actually the most common cause of any fire throughout the nation. Commercial fires that occur due to cooking are typically caused by workers preparing food away from designated kitchen areas.
  2. Electric- When people think of electrical fires, they commonly believe they are caused by the error of electricians. However, this is not the case at all. These commercial fires are typically created due to an overloaded system or a building contractor who has violated electrical codes.
  3. Heaters & Boilers- These commercial fires are commonly found when boilers, heaters, and furnaces have been neglected and lack maintenance. These fires are also found when buildings use these areas for storage.
  4. Smoking- While smoking is no longer the leading cause of fires in the nation, it still proposes a problem. Commercial fires typically begin in areas that have been designated for smoking or when staff attempt to sneak a smoke break within the building.
  5. Arson- While these commercial typically occur in buildings that are abandoned or left unused, they will still cause serious damage and cost building owners a large amount of money.
  6. Storage- Many commercial fires begin because staff and workers use improper storage methods. These methods tend to place flammable materials in contact with a heat source, creating the perfect scenario for a fire.


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