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Fire Sprinkler System Myths

Fire Sprinkler System Myths

When it comes to fire safety for a building, no precaution is ever too much. From installing smoke alarms to having exit routes planned to even holding practice fire drills for occupants, there is never overkill when it comes to protecting occupants from a fire. For this reason, all buildings should consider installing a fire sprinkler system. A fire sprinkler system will help control a building fire and give occupants time to exit the building safely. However, many landlords are not open to the idea of installing a fire sprinkler system because of myths they have in their head. Fireline is here to tell you that those myths are not true and that a fire sprinkler system is what your building needs in fire safety protection.

  1. Myth- A smoke alarm is enough. A smoke alarm is useful for detecting a fire within your building, but it does nothing in the way of control of the fire. You need a fire sprinkler system that will not only detect the fire within your building, but help control the flames while your occupants leave the building safely.
  2. Myth-If one sprinkler reacts, all of the sprinklers react. Each sprinkler within a system is activated on an individual basis. The sprinkler that is closest to the flame will be activated, but a sprinkler located in a room across the building will not.
  3. Myth- The sprinklers will only freeze once the weather grows cold. Areas that experience freezing temperatures have procedures in place during the installation process that will prevent your sprinkler system from freezing.
  4. Myth- My fire sprinkler system will leak often. Your commercial plumbing system has a better chance of leaking than your sprinkler system.
  5. Myth- The damage caused by the water will be worse than the damage caused by the fire. At most, 26 gallons of water is released from a sprinkler per minute once activated. A fire can consume a building in about 9 minutes, causing irreversible damage. This isn’t even including the damage caused by the smoke alone.


At Fireline, we offer a number of different sprinkler systems to keep families and businesses safe. Fireline offers the highest quality alarm and sprinkler systems to keep your home and business safe from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Fire Sprinkler Myths

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