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The Importance of Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire Alarm Inspections

While it may seem like an obvious matter of importance, some may not believe that annual fire alarm inspections are unnecessary and a waste of time. Fire alarm inspections will help ensure that your fire alarm system is working properly, which will ultimately save lives in the unfortunate event of a fire. However, what many might fail to realize, fire alarm inspections also hold other benefits as well.

There are several building codes and policies in place by building owners to ensure the safety of residents and occupants. Fire alarm inspections will help ensure that your fire alarm system is within the parameters set by these codes and policies. There are also policies and standards in place by insurance companies. If your fire alarm system fails to meet the parameters set by an insurance company, your claims may be rejected. Fire alarm inspections will also allow you to show proof of a properly functioning system if the need for proof should ever arise.

Should a fire event occur, the liability you may face due to injury by residents or occupants will be limited if you can prove your fire system was functioning properly. If you can’t show proof from a fire alarm inspection that your system was functioning properly, you could be held responsible for injuries sustained. Fire alarm inspections will also prevent false alarms. Faulty systems could cause false alarms, sending a fire unit to your building for no reason.

Fireline has been providing fire alarm inspections for the Maryland and Virginia area for over 60 years. We know how vital it is to have regular fire alarm inspections to ensure your system is in working order. Information recovered during the inspection is then saved to a secure server for future reference while a copy is also sent to the customer. Our technicians are trained to conduct routine inspections on a number of different systems. We are also able to help with fire system maintenance and repairs when necessary.

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