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Do I need a Vehicle Fire Suppression System?

There are many occupations in the work force currently that require an off road vehicle in order to complete the job. Off road vehicles are used in several industries such as mining, construction, and forestry. While these vehicles are essential to the job at hand, they can pose a threat to the driver and those surrounding the area of the vehicle. These vehicles, just like all vehicles, run the risk of catching or causing a fire. When this occurs, the driver is unaware of the flames until it is too late to save the vehicle. Because of this delay, the driver is also left in a very dangerous situation. A vehicle fire suppression system will eliminate this risk for drivers and protect everyone surrounding the vehicle, along with the vehicle itself.

vehicle fire suppression system


Some common causes of a vehicle fire include:

  1. Engine malfunction
  2. Combustible solids near the exhaust
  3. Electrical shorts
  4. Abrasion against a hydraulic line
  5. Breaks in the hydraulic or fuel line


When a vehicle fire begins, the driver only knows of the fire when flames or smoke are visible to him or her. This means the fire could be growing and nearing a severe stage without the driver being aware. A vehicle fire suppression system will detect the fire when it begins and extinguish the flames quickly. A vehicle fire suppression system may seem like a difficult system to install in a vehicle, that is not the truth. The installation of a vehicle fire suppression system is easy and effective. The system can be built easily and it is simple to maintain.


Fireline has been specializing in vehicle fire suppression systems since 1947. We will work with you to design, build, install, and maintain a vehicle fire suppression system that suits your line of work best. With two convenient locations in Maryland and Virginia, having a vehicle fire suppression system installed is never a hassle.


To get started with your new vehicle fire suppression system by Fireline, call us today at 1-800-553-3405. You can also visit our contact page as well.


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