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Why Offer Portable Fire Extinguisher Training?

While working in a warehouse or factory, there are always opportunities for a sudden fire. While many believe that fire safety is second nature for everyone, not all employees may know how to use a fire extinguisher or how to react in the case of a fire. This is why portable fire extinguisher training is important for your warehouse or factory staff. This type of training will give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe during a fire emergency.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

The first piece of knowledge your employees should learn during portable fire extinguisher training is how a fire operates. It is important to know that a fire is composed of four main components. Once one of those components is removed, the fire will no longer be able to burn. These four components are a chemical chain reaction, heat, oxygen, and fuel. The next step in portable fire extinguisher training is to learn the different types of fires, or fire classes. This will help your employees choose the best extinguisher possible. The fire classes are as follows:

  1. A- Typical combustible materials
  2. B- Gases or liquids that are both combustible and flammable
  3. C- Live electrical equipment
  4. D- Metals that are combustible

During portable fire extinguisher training, it is imperative that employees know the questions they should ask themselves before reaching for a portable fire extinguisher. These questions are:

  1. Do I know what is burning?
  2. Is the room filling with smoke quickly?
  3. Is the fire contained to a safe area?
  4. Do I have a safe and clear path to escape?

If an employee is unable to answer any of these questions positively, then they should leave the premise immediately and call emergency personnel.

Fireline is a leader in the portable fire extinguisher industry. We offer several portable fire extinguishers as well as maintenance and other services regarding portable fire extinguishers. We highly recommend portable fire extinguisher training for all who have a risk of needing to use the device during the job.

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Benefits of portable fire extinguisher training in the warehouse.

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