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Winter Heating Safety Tips

Winter Heating Safety

With the cold weather quickly moving into the Baltimore and Maryland region, residents throughout the state are beginning to use their heat sources for their home. While homeowners begin to use their space heaters, chimneys, and furnaces, some may fail to realize the increased risk of fire they are now under. According to the NFPA, residential fires increase tremendously during the colder months. There are several ways to avoid winter heating fires this season.

Avoiding Winter Heating Fires

  1. Remove any flammable materials from your heat source. Avoid placing any flammable materials near your furnace or chimney while they are being used.
  2. If you have children, remind them of the “kid free” area surrounding the heat source. While children may enjoy sitting close to the heat during colder evenings, they should know to stay away from the source to avoid being burned.
  3. Before using your furnace or chimney, have a professional visit your home for a cleaning and maintenance appointment. This will ensure that your heating source is in proper working order before use.
  4. If your home currently lacks a heating source, discuss your options with a professional. Some heating sources are not compatible with every residential setting.
  5. Never use your oven as a heat source for your home. While an oven may cause heat in your home while being used, it should never be used as the main source of residential heat.
  6. When using space heaters, be sure to use the proper fuel for the appliance. Using the wrong fuel could lead to overheating.
  7. Turn off space heaters when leaving a room or going to sleep. Space heaters should be used in a monitored setting.
  8. Have your fire alarm system installed and inspected by Fireline.


Winter Heating Safety with Fireline

Fireline has been providing Maryland with quality fire alarm systems since 1947. Our teams of technicians are trained to not only install your fire alarm systems, but maintain and repair the systems as well. We also offer the highest quality of heat detection, smoke detection, and flame detection systems as well. When it comes to winter heating safety, there is nothing safer than having a fire alarm system installed within your Maryland home.


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